We are proud to share the trailer for our first game. The upcoming Samarium Wars will be available on Windows Phone 7 and represents our take on the shooter genre. We love classic games and how fun they are. Samarium Wars is a shooter inspired by the classics. We want to bring the fun back!
A fast paced game that will test your reflexes and your will to save the Universe.

In Samarium Wars you are an elite fighter pilot, thrown into the battlefield of an interplanetary war, motivated by a recently discovered highly powerful natural resource, responsible for scientific breakthroughs in the manipulation of the space-time continuum.

The game was developed by Flying Turtle Software for our partners over at Mobi2do and we will be releasing some more info and media over the next few weeks. Follow us on twitter and stay tuned!

For now you can check out the Screenshot Gallery at our Games Section or head over to SamariumWars.com.